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A world where audio, art, & design collide. The House of Sound is a sensory journey featuring Sonus faber speakers together with the most renowned products from McIntosh, Pro-Ject, Rotel, & Sumiko.

House of Sound is a destination where audio, art, and design intersect to create a truly immersive experience. Located in New York City’s Chelsea district, the experience center presents a sensory journey showcasing the finest high-end audio equipment from the McIntosh Group, including renowned and respected brands such as Sonus faber, McIntoshPro-JectRotel, and Sumiko.

Previously located in SoHo and formerly known as World of McIntosh, House of Sound offers a new approach to bringing audio excellence to life through meticulously curated listening rooms. The hidden world transcends the boundaries of traditional showrooms, inviting guests to explore multi-sensory spaces that marry exemplary sound with striking design.

House of Sound welcomes guests to step into an individually tailored audio experience to discover truly immersive sound. Guests are guided throughout our townhouse to experience each listening room and unique space. The townhouse is meticulously devised to showcase pristine audio harmonized with unique design.

Guests who wish to request an audio tour can contact House of Sound through this link

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